Anchor Point Surf camp

Who are we?

Anchor Point Surf Camp was founded by three brothers, one of the first surfers in Morocco, Saad, Zouhair and Salah El Kilani. The story begins at the end of the 1970s, when they meet Australian and Californian hippies who came to surf at Anchor Point, at the time the ruins of a tuna fishing trap. Their first board, a Barlan single fin, was bought from two French guys thanks to the money from Zouhair’s scholarship, with which the three brothers learned the sport in spots to which they gave names such as Crocro, Banana, or The Kettle. Lack of equipment at the time, they used scuba diving or windsurfing suits…

OUr Packages

5 days pack without accommodation


Accommodation at Riad Villa Azur


one day


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Anchor Point Taghazout

The Accommodation

Anchor Point Guest House
Anchor Point Riad
Riad garden, Marrakech

Surf In Morocco

First of all, Surf was brought to Morocco by foreigners (Australians, americans…) at the beginning of the sixties. Geographically, the Moroccan coast is well situated to host great winter swells. With a great wave potential, they are considered amongst the best waves worldwide. location on

Best period to surf in Agadir region:

The very first swells start at the end of September and go on to mid-march. Exceptionally, some swells can happen in August and April.

the edge of a long sandy beach of more than 50 kilometers…

The spots

Thanks to a deep-sea caused by the depressions of the North Atlantic, the offshore wind generated by the trade winds and a wide variety of reefs and beach breaks, the coast of Agadir has the ideal conditions for surfing.

Agadir occupies an ideal location on the edge of a long sandy beach of more than 50 kilometers…


Agadir Bay

Fallback spot when the swell is huge.



Left going up to 1.5m, beyond, it saturates. The take-off is hollow because we start on a slab.



Right and left, are very popular among long-boarders because they are slow and long..